FACTS – Objective Determination of Fatigue

FACTS is an expert web-based system that will let you know the probability of whether a person was or was not impaired by fatigue at the time of an accident or incident.


  • Objective – Creates a standard for investigating all incidents, accidents and near misses.
  • Scientifically validated – FACTS probability judgments correlate 86% with the judgments of expert human panels.
  • Easy to use – No training required. Features a simple drop-down menu for collecting the incident data as part of the normal accident reporting process
  • Fatigue Risk Management System Tool – In a data-driven FRMS, FACTS allows an organization to assess, benchmark and measure the impact of their FRMS initiatives in terms of reduced costs, risks and liabilities.
How to use FACTS:

A FACTS™ license can allow your business to:
  • Keep track of all incidents/accidents/procedural deviations across multiple corporate worksites
  • Analyze each for fatigue causation probability by using the scientifically-validated expert FACTS™ system.
  • Store all your corporate FACTS inputs and results in a database.
  • Analyze and track your fatigue-related incidents/accidents
  • Brand FACTS™ with your own logo and color design
  • Customize FACTS™ questions to the specific language, technical terms accepted practices of your company and your industry

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Site Terms of Use

[1] It should be noted that FACTS is not designed to be used, nor should be used, in the litigation of accidents and incidents where fatigue impairment is alleged by a party to the action. CIRCADIAN does not represent or warrant that the calculated overall probability of fatigue impairment derived by FACTS rises to the level of a reasonable degree of scientific or medical certainty required by a court of law, since it is not designed to consider all the relevant evidence that may be available in a litigated case. FACTS is specifically designed for statistical assessments of fatigue impairment in a population of people or employees involved in incidents, accidents or other events. As such it can serve as a useful tool in data-driven Fatigue Risk Management Systems.